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  • Ad-Free Experience
    Removes all Ads - Site Wide. Reports Load Faster. Not tracked by third-party advertisers.
  • Larger Traffic Maps
    Increases the size of the Traffic Flow maps. Embedded within the report's page - no extra step. All Map Controls with full-screen option.
  • Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Friendly
    Check at home or on the go. Use membership features on any device with a modern browser and Internet connection.
  • Personal Dashboard
    Save as many favorite locations as you want and view from your own dashboard.
  • EXTRA BONUS: Paid App Unlock Voucher
    Once we launch our new app in Apple and Google Play stores, you will be sent a code to unlock the Ad Free version for that too!
  • Persistent Login
    Sign-in once and stay logged in on any of your devices. No need to enter credentials on each visit, in order to access your members-only version.


Billed same day of month.

$2.99 / month
  • Flexible Plan
  • Ad Free
  • Embedded Traffic Maps
  • Bookmark Favorite Cities
  • Secure Browsing
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Unlock Ad Free App Upgrade†
    see terms below
  • Money Back Guarantee‡
    see terms below


Billed one time.

  • Ad Free
  • Embedded Traffic Maps
  • Bookmark Favorite Cities
  • Secure Browsing
  • No Contract
  • Unlock Ad Free App Upgrade†
    see terms below
  • Money Back Guarantee‡
    see terms below
We began offering paid memberships to enable continued use for our visitors whom became accustomed to a different traffic flow map than we now deploy. The provider of that previous mapping service raised their rates by 2,500% in 2018 - so we could no longer afford their product at the high-rate of use our website needs access. That map exists in the membership area.

Nowadays, with the onset of online privacy concerns in regards to tracking cookies, we proudly offer our membership service as a way to remove third-party Ads from all of our pages - so you will not be tracked by advertisers while you utilize our weather and traffic service. While signed in, all Ads are removed, which also provides for faster loading pages.

Before the rate increase, we were on an aggressive path to completing and launching our App for iPhones and Android users soon, which would contain full-size maps. However, this mapping hiccup has set us back along with additional issues the mapping/traffic portion of our service has still been causing.

We are now offering memberships as a way to raise funds to keep going - but, as a member, you will gain access to how the site was before - and without any Ads too! You can try it for free right now for 5 minutes - with no obligation and no personal information being collected from you. A membership returns the maps to normal and all Ads are removed - Sitewide. We also built in a feature to enable you to save favorite locations. If you want to try for free: Click Here. We hope you consider becoming a member.

Thank you for your support!

Most Respectfully, Subscription Terms and Conditions

This document was last updated on Aug 1st, 2018.

* Our "Lifetime" plan offers a one time charge for the published price and allows access to member only features for as long as our service is available. All sales are final, with exception to our money back guarantee as outlined below.‡

† A voucher code to unlock an Ad Free feature of our upcoming iOS and Android companion apps; which will be made available as a free download (ad supported) and as a paid download (ad free) version within respective App stores. A voucher code and instructions will be emailed and/or provided to you within your membership panel, when the app is available. Valid for one-time use, on one device, per paid subscription. To qualify, a member will need to have held a paid subscription plan for at least one (1) month, without having been refunded. Holds no cash value. Our app is still in development. Offer void where prohibited.

‡ Our Money Back guarantee is limited to paid subscribers with a valid and active member account, in good standing, and is redeemable within a three (3) calendar day (72 hours) request period, starting from the point of the subscriber being charged the fee associated with their selected plan and within its renewed billing period. After the refund request period has passed, all sales are final. Account activity or account inactivity retains zero redemption value and does not fall under this guarantee. Not withstanding the three (3) day calendar (72 hours) refund request period, all: past, current, and future fees are collected under the condition of a "use it or lose it" policy. In all cases, an account will first be audited for abuse and a refund will not be issued if a determination has been made based on evidence that access to membership features were abused and or violated our TOS; such as but not limited to: excessive use of data which would degrade the service for other members and its usage accumulated extraordinary costs (Server, APIs, Labor) exceeding the membership fee and its implied or unimplied value. Upon clearance of an approved refund, we reserve the right to release payment within and up to 15 business days. Scenarios for each plan are as follows:

  • Monthly Plan: 100% refund availability within three (3) calendar days (72 hours) of each new one (1) paid month period, no prorated amount thereafter or for previous billed months will be allowed.
  • Annual Plan: 100% refund availability within three (3) calendar days (72 hours) of each new twelve (12) paid month period. All sales final after third (3rd) day of each new billing cycle; except if subscriber decides to cancel anytime during the twelve (12) month span, then a prorated amount will be calculated, based on our sole discretion, by factoring unused portions of the current twelve (12) month billing cycle eligible for refund. Refund is contingent on an audit of member usage, to ensure member access was not abusing the service or violated our TOS. A refund will be calculated starting on the day of and for remaining months and/or days left in the subscription and not before.
  • Lifetime: 100% refund availability within three (3) calendar days (72 hours) of first being charged. All sales final thereafter. No cash value. May not be resold.

Other Conditions and Disclosures: You must be eighteen (18) years of age or older in order to subscribe. You may cancel any time by sending us a request or by terminating the subscription agreement within your PayPal account or by notifying your bank. Missed payments, or failure to charge your card on file will result in immediate account suspension and access to subscription features will be denied. You will not accumulate a balance in such cases. Memberships, subscriptions, account access and/or data, systems, or services MAY NOT be: resold, repurposed, reappropriated, republished, data-mined, framed, tested, bench-marked, decompiled, reverse engineered, scanned, printed, photographed, crawled, copied or downloaded; no exceptions. Storing, presenting, and/or processing current or historical data for purposes related to: commercial use, analytics, sale, resale, distribution, used in legal proceedings and/or insurance claims to demonstrate and/or provide evidence of, but not limited to: proof as to how, and/or as to when, and/or as to why: weather and/or traffic conditions at the time of, before, after and/or what may or may not have caused: positive or adverse effects, disasters, damages, accidents, harm, or death(s) is strictly prohibited. Sharing account access and/or making available to a public, private, commercial group or audience - such as but not limited to electronic displays, or for the purpose of enabling access of multiple and/or simultaneous users to an individual subscription, is strictly forbidden; and measures are in place to monitor and deter this action. Please contact us if you need a business solution. Using our service to commit fraud or a crime is forbidden; and any result of such activity will be immediately reported to authorities with full disclosure provided to them with any and all information we have about the perpetrator(s); without exception! It is strictly forbidden to use the service and its data should not, and may not be used to make critical decisions for any circumstance, or synchronizing and/or calibration of, but limited to: instruments, machines, and processors. Any and all such aforementioned actions void all eligibility for refund and results in immediate membership and subscription cancellation; and in certain cases will result in legal action if a determination has been made based on evidence of account and or service abuse. We reserve the right to discontinue this service, change future prices, features, plans, and terms, as well as deny access to any one and/or all members and subscribers at any time without reason or notification, except as it relates to privacy rights. By subscribing, you are not purchasing any: ownership, holding, property, resource, stake, claim, right, position, shares; nor assuming or sharing debts, profits, and/or responsibilities of, its affiliates, employees, owners, or its holding company. A subscription does not give right to administrative or developer access. No positions of: power, duty, decision making, advisory role, employment, executive status, director, and/or board member seat is being offered nor granted with purchase of a subscription. A subscription and/or the subscriber is not, under any circumstance and/or in any capacity: hiring, contracting, sub-contracting, making demands of, or employing, its affiliates, employees, executives, owners, or parent holding company. Each party (subscriber and us) are and will stay independent of each other and no rights are granted, implied or taken away. Ownership of all related or unrelated properties, holdings, rights, copyrights, trademarks are solely retained by their respective owners. is owned and operated by a legal entity and recognized by the State of California as a Limited Liability Company named BlueCharm Web Productions, LLC. This website nor its owner do not pass, receive, see, store, or handle any of your personal payment information. Payment processing will be executed by Your statement will show a transaction from "BLUECHRMWP" as the payee. Payment is independently processed by and will do so from your payment method, based on the duration of your subscription - please read their TOS, etc...

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