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The front page graphic, behind the search field, changes to represent your local time of day; from morning to night, there are about 6 landscapes that can display.

Founded in 2008 and officially launched in 2010, LocalConditions.com is a weather and traffic reporting service offering live and up-to-date information for most areas of the US, as well as parts of Canada and Puerto Rico. We operate as an American and independently owned service located in Santa Clarita California. We concentrate on providing a simple and clean experience of core weather and traffic data with constant consideration of being accurate and localized as possible.

We provide current local weather conditions with details like high and low temperatures, summaries, humidity, barometric pressure, dew point, visibility, precipitation chance, sunrise/sunset times and moon phases. Also included is a 48 hour-by-hour forecast, 5-Day forecast for day and night conditions, past weather, daily charts, and regional severe warnings and advisories as issued by the NWS. A feature we provide on each current weather report page is a text-to-speech option for reading back the most recent conditions and forecast, to help aide in convenience and accessibility. We show degrees in Fahrenheit and Celsius, while measurements in MPH and KM/H are presented for Wind. United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada are integrated with traffic updates with flow and road conditions, along with up-to-minute traffic alerts from actual DOTs when available.

We are always growing, and work daily to refine our weather and traffic reports and accuracy. We don't offer conjecture, opinions, or arm-chair reports. We believe if we can't show information on a weather or traffic event, then it is better than reporting bad information for the sake of filling the screen.

Where our information comes from
We utilize the NOAA National Weather Service available METAR and Radar weather data-sets, which are in the public domain, we DO NOT claim any of their information as proprietary or copyrighted under our ownership in anyway. However, we do have access to other various weather data-sets, which is blended with NWS information by using our own unique algorithms, designed to ensure optimal accuracy and weather reporting for the location of interest.

Weather Watches, Alerts, and Advisories
We have integrated National Weather Service watches, warnings, and advisories to all US city reports. If there is a weather warning in effect in your area of interest, a prompt will display with a link to read the full issued warning(s).

Traffic Updates and Road Conditions
All United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada reports are integrated with an interactive map of traffic updates providing color-coded flow and road conditions for local major highways and streets. Green = low traffic; Yellow = medium traffic; and Red = heavy traffic. The map gives any available messages about road construction, closures, accidents, or delays with estimated start and stop times.

Be A Weather Reporter
You can write your own local weather report or local traffic conditions for others to read. We encourage all visitors to leave their own weather report or comment about the weather in their area. It is not a marketing ploy or an attempt to collect email addresses for spam!

Always Improving
We are always working to integrate additional local weather conditions and local weather forecast info, as well as local traffic from multiple sources in order to provide the most accurate and useful current conditions for your region.

Gratuity is Appreciated
This service isn't ran by some massive corporation with bags of fat money stacks stuffed in utility closets or forgotten crawl spaces; nor do we have a 3 story indoor slide on a sprawling campus in Silicon Valley. Our essential overhead is the cost of servers, bandwidth, cloud and API fees, and hand-programming. It is a tight ship. It isn't expected at all, like a lazy waiter you've - politely - asked three times to bring a glass of water, but if you feel so inclined to leave a small tip to help us out, then it is greatly appreciated. You can securely contribute by clicking "Leave a Tip" - which will take you to good ol' PayPal.com. Note: you will see "BLUECHARMWP" on your credit card statment - which is the name of the tiny LLC that owns this humble service. Either way, thank you for visiting and we hope that this website serves you well.

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