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Jamestown, KY Past Weather For Last 7 Days


Tue, Sep 2nd 2014

High: 86ºf @3:56 PM    Low: 69.98ºf @1:56 AM    Approx. Rain Total: 0.6 in.
Time (CDT)Temp. (ºf)Humidity (%)Dew Point (ºf)Barometer (inHG)Wind Speed (mph)Wind DirectionWind Gust (mph)1hr. Rain Total (in.)Snow Depth
6:33 PM71.694.0769.830.01-----
6:18 PM71.694.0769.830-----
5:08 PM71.694.0769.830.01-----
4:45 PM71.694.0769.830---0.6-
4:42 PM71.694.0769.8304ese-0.6-
4:40 PM71.694.0769.8306ese-0.59-
4:19 PM75.283.3769.830.0411w300.43-
4:16 PM78.883.673.430.0520wnw340.28-
4:14 PM80.683.7175.230.0415wnw340.14-
3:56 PM8665.0672.8629.974sw---
7:56 AM7781.4770.8830.085sw---
1:56 AM69.9896.3868.930.07-----
12:56 AM69.9896.3868.930.07-----

Mon, Sep 1st 2014

High: 83.84ºf @11:56 AM    Low: 68.9ºf @3:56 AM    Approx. Rain Total: 0 in.
Time (CDT)Temp. (ºf)Humidity (%)Dew Point (ºf)Barometer (inHG)Wind Speed (mph)Wind DirectionWind Gust (mph)1hr. Rain Total (in.)Snow Depth
11:56 PM69.9896.3868.930.07-----
10:56 PM70.8896.9969.9830.08-----
11:56 AM83.8472.2873.9430.18wsw---
10:56 AM83.8469.7172.8630.1210sw---
5:19 AM71.694.0769.830.11-----
4:47 AM69.810069.830.11-----
3:56 AM68.996.966830.11-----

Sun, Aug 31st 2014

High: 80.96ºf @12:56 PM    Low: 69.98ºf @5:56 AM    Approx. Rain Total: 0.6 in.
Time (CDT)Temp. (ºf)Humidity (%)Dew Point (ºf)Barometer (inHG)Wind Speed (mph)Wind DirectionWind Gust (mph)1hr. Rain Total (in.)Snow Depth
8:56 PM72.8697.0171.9630.085s---
7:40 PM73.410073.430.084ssw-0.26-
7:20 PM73.410073.430.08---0.25-
7:03 PM73.410073.430.0810sw-0.1-
6:43 PM75.294.1673.430.075wnw-0.11-
6:35 PM7788.773.430.073sw-0.06-
6:33 PM78.883.673.430.075sw-0.03-
4:56 PM79.8879.2572.8630.067sw---
3:17 PM7788.773.430.076sw-0.11-
3:10 PM7788.773.430.084--0.11-
3:00 PM78.883.673.430.088sw-0.11-
2:58 PM78.883.673.430.099wsw-0.07-
2:56 PM79.8879.2572.8630.098wsw-0.05-
2:37 PM78.883.673.430.086sw-0.04-
2:34 PM78.878.6871.630.087sw160.04-
1:56 PM80.9671.5670.8830.0910ssw18--
12:56 PM80.9676.5172.8630.1110ssw---
7:38 AM71.694.0769.830.15---0.02-
6:56 AM70.8893.4868.930.144s-0.03-
6:43 AM71.694.0769.830.155ssw-0.02-
5:56 AM69.9896.3868.930.12-----
4:56 AM69.9893.456830.12-----
2:56 AM69.9896.3868.930.11-----

Sat, Aug 30th 2014

High: 78.8ºf @7:14 PM    Low: 68.9ºf @1:56 AM    Approx. Rain Total: 0.78 in.
Time (CDT)Temp. (ºf)Humidity (%)Dew Point (ºf)Barometer (inHG)Wind Speed (mph)Wind DirectionWind Gust (mph)1hr. Rain Total (in.)Snow Depth
11:10 PM71.694.0769.830.145s-0.02-
11:02 PM71.694.0769.830.147ssw-0.01-
10:47 PM71.610071.630.157sw180.36-
10:42 PM71.610071.630.1610sw180.34-
10:38 PM71.610071.630.1612sw180.31-
10:33 PM71.610071.630.1610ssw-0.23-
10:19 PM71.610071.630.137s-0.14-
10:07 PM73.494.1271.630.1410s140.1-
10:04 PM73.494.1271.630.148sse-0.05-
10:01 PM73.488.5469.830.145s-0.01-
9:56 PM72.8690.7169.9830.147s-0.17-
9:47 PM73.494.1271.630.157s-0.08-
9:44 PM73.494.1271.630.157s-0.05-
9:33 PM73.494.1271.630.143--0.001-
8:56 PM71.9696.4170.8830.12---0.1-
8:47 PM71.610071.630.124wsw-0.1-
8:32 PM73.494.1271.630.113wsw-0.1-
8:18 PM73.494.1271.630.114s-0.09-
8:10 PM73.494.1271.630.114sse-0.08-
7:45 PM75.294.1673.430.1211s-0.13-
7:32 PM75.294.1673.430.117s-0.08-
7:14 PM78.888.7875.230.08---0.001-
8:56 AM77.973.9368.930.146se---
1:56 AM68.993.4266.9230.11-----

Fri, Aug 29th 2014

High: 90.86ºf @2:56 PM    Low: 66.92ºf @11:56 PM    Approx. Rain Total: 0 in.
Time (CDT)Temp. (ºf)Humidity (%)Dew Point (ºf)Barometer (inHG)Wind Speed (mph)Wind DirectionWind Gust (mph)1hr. Rain Total (in.)Snow Depth
11:56 PM66.9210066.9230.11-----
9:56 PM70.8893.4868.930.1-----
8:56 PM70.8893.4868.930.08-----
3:56 PM90.8645.666.9230.056ssw---
2:56 PM90.8647.326830.067wsw---
12:56 PM90.8647.326830.086w---
7:39 AM75.288.6271.630.1-----
6:56 AM69.9896.3868.930.09-----
6:11 AM69.894.036830.08-----
5:56 AM68.996.966830.07-----
4:17 AM71.694.0769.830.06-----
2:34 AM69.810069.830.06-----
2:20 AM69.810069.830.06-----

Thu, Aug 28th 2014

High: 91.94ºf @3:56 PM    Low: 68ºf @5:13 AM    Approx. Rain Total: 0 in.
Time (CDT)Temp. (ºf)Humidity (%)Dew Point (ºf)Barometer (inHG)Wind Speed (mph)Wind DirectionWind Gust (mph)1hr. Rain Total (in.)Snow Depth
10:56 PM73.9493.5671.9630.074ne---
8:56 PM75.9290.2872.8630.07-----
3:56 PM91.9455.9773.9430.025----
12:56 PM88.8859.3972.8630.074ne---
8:10 AM73.494.1271.630.1-----
8:02 AM71.610071.630.1-----
7:49 AM71.610071.630.1-----
6:56 AM69.9810069.9830.09-----
5:49 AM681006830.08-----
5:21 AM681006830.08-----
5:13 AM6893.9866.230.08-----
4:56 AM68.996.966830.08-----
4:48 AM681006830.08-----
4:35 AM69.810069.830.07-----
4:21 AM681006830.07-----
3:40 AM69.894.036830.07-----
3:19 AM69.894.036830.07-----
3:11 AM69.894.036830.07-----
3:04 AM69.894.036830.06-----
2:40 AM69.894.036830.07-----
2:12 AM69.810069.830.07-----
12:56 AM68.910068.930.08-----
12:37 AM69.810069.830.08-----

Wed, Aug 27th 2014

High: 72.86ºf @8:56 PM    Low: 69.8ºf @11:45 PM    Approx. Rain Total: 0 in.
Time (CDT)Temp. (ºf)Humidity (%)Dew Point (ºf)Barometer (inHG)Wind Speed (mph)Wind DirectionWind Gust (mph)1hr. Rain Total (in.)Snow Depth
11:45 PM69.810069.830.09-----
10:56 PM70.8896.9969.9830.09-----
10:36 PM71.694.0769.830.1-----
8:56 PM72.8693.5370.8830.08-----
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Jamestown, KY Past Weather
Jamestown, KY past weather with historical weather conditions for the last 7 days, including history of temperature, humidity, dew point, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, wind gust, and rain fall totals for the Jamestown area and Russell county.