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The front page graphic, behind the search field, changes to represent your local time of day; from morning to night, there are about 6 landscapes that can display.

LocalConditions.com is a free weather forecast and reporting service that offers weather and traffic information for most cities in the US, including parts of Canada and Puerto Rico. We are an independent U.S. owned and operated website located in Santa Clarita California, which is about 35 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. We concentrate on offering a simple and clean display of core weather and traffic information that is easily understandable, while being accurate and localized as possible.

Always Improving
We are always working to integrate additional local weather conditions and local weather forecast info, as well as local traffic from multiple sources in order to provide the most accurate and useful current conditions for your region.

Gratuity is Appreciated
This service isn't ran by some massive corporation with bags of fat money stacks stuffed in utility closets or forgotten crawl spaces; nor do we have a 3 story indoor slide on a sprawling campus in Silicon Valley. Our essential overhead is the cost of servers, bandwidth, cloud and API fees, and hand-programming. It is a tight ship. It isn't expected at all, like a lazy waiter you've asked three times to bring a glass of water, but if you feel so inclined to leave a small tip to help us out, then it is greatly appreciated. You can securely contribute by clicking "Leave a Tip" - which will take you to good ol' PayPal.com. Note: you will see "BLUECHARMWP" on your credit card statment - which is the name of the tiny LLC that owns this humble service. Either way, thank you for visiting and we hope that this website serves you well.

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