Point Judith Coast Guard Station, RI Weather

Current Weather for Sat Jul 20th 2024

As of 5:30 PM EDT


Feels Like 77°F

Point Judith Coast Guard Station, RI  weather condition is Clear and 75°F.


Point Judith Coast Guard Station, RI weather report

The current weather report for Point Judith Coast Guard Station RI, as of 5:30 PM EDT, has a sky condition of Clear with the visibility of 10 mile(s) miles. It is 75 degrees fahrenheit but feels like 77 degrees fahrenheit. The barometric pressure is N/A - measured by inch of mercury units - and is steady since its last observation. The humidity is 73.67 percent with a dew point of 66.2 degrees fahrenheit that is rising since the last report. Wind direction is from the SouthWest at 13 miles per hour, gusting at 19 mph. Sunrise is at 5:28 AM and Sunset is at 8:13 PM. The moon phase is a Full Moon. The forecast for is Tomorrow's weather for has an expected forecast of Thank you for listening to the AI weather report from LocalConditions.com!

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Barometer: N/A steady

Humidity 73.67%

Wind SW. 13mph

Wind Gust 19mph

Heat Index 77°F

Dew Point 66°F rising

Visibility 10 mile(s)mi.

Sunrise 5:28 AM

Sunset 8:13 PM

Moon Phase Full Moon

Temperatures Today

The following chart reports what the hourly Point Judith Coast Guard Station, RI temperature has been today, from 12:00 AM to 5:30 PM Sat, Jul 20th 2024. The lowest temperature reading has been 64.4 degrees fahrenheit at 5:10 AM, while the highest temperature is 77 degrees fahrenheit at 11:10 AM.